Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Weekend Away

Well this past weekend i headed back to Neenah by myself without the kid and husband. I love spending time with my family but i needed to get aways. I was helping my mom with her bridal show in Green Bay so we just made a weekend out of it. Saturday i hung out with my best friend Emily and then went out with a few other friends that night. Sunday was a long day and i was very tired when i got home that night. To make matters worse Mason wasnt feeling very well all weekend so i was very hard for me to be away. Josh is a great daddy and i knew Mason was going to be very much taken care of but there is just somethings about a Mothers touch that makes him feel better. And i hate being away when he is sick.

Mason is feeling much better today but i am still tired. I was up till 1 Saturday night and i feel like its take a whole weekend to get back on schedule. ugh....

Here is a picture of my mothers booth at the bridal show...Team Erikas of Neenah!

I wanted to share some new pictures of Mason

Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to

Wow its been awhile.....

Today i start school....kinda excited about it but its kinda going to be time consuming...ugh...Mason isn't feeling to good today so we are going to take it easy for the next few days. Josh had a cold at the end of last week and he so graciously gave it to Mason and its only a matter of time till i get it...yippy....Well i cant really think of anything else to say....Mason is napping right now and i think I'm going to try to sneak a few minute nap in before he wakes up....Later,,!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Well this morning I'm totally dragging. Mason and I were up at a little before 6!!!! Yikes. So I will be definitely taking a nap with Mason this afternoon. If we make it till then.

Yesterday Mason and I went to a fellow Moms Club members house to play outside. I think Mason may have a CRUSH on this little girl because when we were leaving he gave her close to 5 hugs. And he never gives hugs out like they are free. It was really cute to see him have that kind of a connect with someone his size.

We may even go the the pool this afternoon depending on how we are both doing sleep wise. The pool on Monday was so much fun Mason played with his cups a lot and just looked at all the other kids. He stayed pretty busy the whole time we were there. Then we would go into the deep end (only up to my thigh but over Masons head) Mason clung to me like glue. I'm not sure if he like the water or hates it. He shows no emotion so i have no idea.

Well that's all for now Have a wonderful day!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy baby makes a happy Mommy!

I wanted to share this video of Mason taken last Thursday. We were playing outside in the sprinkler and he wanted to take a drink...

This past weekend we went to the in-laws house to visit. It was nice for Josh and myself to have a break and to sleep in. Friday we meet with our wedding photographer and picked up our (1020) pictures. We now have to pick 60-70 pictures to be put in our wedding art book (which is our wedding album.) It stormed all weekend so we couldn't go to the hot air balloon lighting in Seymour WI. But on Saturday the rain held off just enough for us to go to the parade. Mason got tons of candy (that he wont be eating.) and saw lots of tractors and firetrucks. Saturday we went to a pig roast and a corn roast it was one hot day filled with lots of food. Our whole family went to bed with very full tummy that night. Well kinda Mason was up most of the night because of the thunderstorms. So he cuddled with mommy and daddy the whole night, i didn't get any sleep but i secretly enjoyed listening to Mason snoring all comfy snuggled next to me. Once he finally feel asleep i held my hands over his ears the whole night so the thunder wouldn't wake him up again. The things you ll do for your children. :)

Today we are going to the pool that is if this rain holds out till think afternoon but i doubt it will....we will see. Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Busy Few Weeks!

Well Mason has been going to music and dance class for a few weeks now. I'm not sure the class is for him, he pretty much just runs around the whole time, but when its time to dance he is the first one dancing. There is a little girl in the class and i think she may have a crush on Mason, she follows him the whole class and gives him kisses and hugs and then he just scowl es at her,its pretty funny.

On July 24 we went to Josh's Company picnic it was at the county fair so their were tons of carnival rides. Mason went on all the rides that were his size some maybe were a little to fast for him but if you know Mason, he showed no emotion. So we didn't know if he liked them or hated them.

Last Thursday Masons grandma (Josh's Mom) called me and asked if she could take Mason for the rest of the week, i was so stoked. I meet her in Oshkosh and then i did a little shopping at the outlet mall for the after noon and went to get my books for school. Which starts on the 24 yikes. Then Thursday night Josh and i went out to dinner first time alone in West Bend ever! Then on Friday i did alot go errands and relaxed the whole day it was wonderful, break well deserved i think ;) Then Saturday we went up to Menasha because my best friend Sarah Siems came home and i haven't seen her since my wedding. Our friend Brian had a cookout at his house and we have lots of fun, the girls played board games while the boys played bean-bag-toss.

Sunday Josh Mason and I went to brunch with the whole Siems clan, we got to see Thomas (who we haven't seen since Christmas) Him and Mason are 2 days apart. They had lots of fun together.

On Tuesday we went to the Zoo with my Moms Club and yesterday we had a playgroup. Then another member LeAnn and myself meet at the pool in the afternoon with her son Will. Mason and Will swan and played in the sand. Which meant Mason was tuckered out from a long day and went to bed nicely....

This weekend we are Black Creek bound. Hamburger Days is in Seymour this weekend and they have hot air balloon races on Friday and a parade on Saturday. Oh and we are also picking up our wedding pictures on Friday so I'm going to try to scrapebook them next week. Wish me Luck!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Its been quite awhile since i last updated so ill do make about two weeks and let everyone know what we have been up too.

July 11,
We had our 5 year class reunion in Neenah. It was alot of fun to see some people that i haven't seen since we graduated in 2004. Josh and I had alot of fun. That night Mason stay at my Dads house, he loves spending time with his grandpa Winarski, probably because he acts just like a kid himself. When i was little my Dad always played with us when we were growing up he was one fun dad. Mason also likes playing with my dads cat, even tho Sweetie (the Cat) just hisses at you if you get to close Mason loves all different kinds of animals to look at.

Last week
I recently joined a club in West Bend, called the Moms Club of West Bend, i am the secretary of the club. Their are about 8 moms in the club, and we get together probably like 3 times a week and have play dates and field trips. It great for Mason to meet other kids his own age and interact with them. Its also great for me because i know hardly anyone here in West Bend so i get to converse with other moms and we share tips and ideas just about everything.

July 16
We also recently joins a class through our Parks and Rec department here in West Bend and its all Music and Dance class. We went to the first session and Mason was dancing the whole time. He was the only kids that would get up and dance with the teacher, he is a very outgoing kid, but i guess that is expected, i mean i am his mother. ha ha

Then yesterday we went to the Milwaukee Zoo, we recently got a year pass to the Zoo and this is only the second time we have been there. Mason loves animals so it is perfect. The one animal Mason especially likes is the Hyena. He laughs so hard at them, its really funny to watch him. He also loves the train ride, that is probably my favorite thing to do at the Zoo.

So this week we are very busy we have a park day on
Wednesday then we have our class on Thursday and after our class we are going to the County Fair. Then on Friday we are going back the fair for Josh's company picnic...We are going to be pretty pooped by the end of the week. Hope to update soon!

Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th Weekend

This past weekend was the fourth of July. Friday night Masons grandpa Wagner had is annual 3rd of July party, and this was the first year Mason was going to be able to watch the fireworks. Last year Mason slept right through them he was only 3 months old last year. Friday was a very fun filled day all Mason seconds cousin were at the party and they played all evening. Then time for fireworks and Mason loved them but closed his eyes every time the boom came. It was quite funny.
Then Saturday my aunt Lisa had a fourth of July party at her house in Menasha. We had a cookout then watched the firework from her front yard and Mason was more attentive to these fireworks because i they were farther away so they weren't so loud and bright. He lost interest half way through and him and my Dad played on the ground, it was cute to watch.
Then this morning i was tickling Mason and i noticed he has TWO of his molars coming in on the upper gums. I didn't even notice them before, which is a good thing because he wasn't crabby.
Now tomorrow i have my Mom Club of West Bend field trip and we are going to the pool so that will be fun. We are new member of the club but so far Mason really enjoys it, he gets to play with lots of different kids. Since he isn't in daycare i think its good to get him with other kids and be social.